Timeless Eye-deas That Never Go Out of Style


When it comes to fashion, the eyes have it. They are the windows to the soul, we hear, and from brows to extravagant shadows and accessories, they’re more prominent than ever. While there is a distinct look for eye makeup for every decade, there are some standards that never seem to lose their luster.


There were several decades when thin was in for brows, and now the heavy look is all the rage. However, one look that will never fade is slightly full, filled-in brows that softly frame the eyes without looking overdone or heavy. If you weren’t blessed with full brows, it just takes a little practice to brush in a powder that’s made just for brows., Try to stick close to your natural hair color. Lighter brows if you have  darker hair look weird, and too dark if you’re fair haired and pale look a fright. they should look full but not fake.


Shadow trends are tough to gauge, but a matte shadow in a neutral shade will always be a fav. It’s an especially good choice as you grow older because frosted or metallic shadows settle into creases and highlight wrinkles. Very few of us can pull off super-bright. One fashion fixation that will probably always be a winner is cat-eye liner. It has been in style since before Cleopatra was queen, and it stills looks stunning today. It can be made subtle with smokey shade or stand out with a minimalist palette.


If you weren’t born with long, luscious lashes that look like a flirty fringe with minimal upkeep, you;re going to have to go with a good mascara that adds volume and fullness without damaging your lashes. An off-black or dark brown shade is good for casual, or you can go dramatic with the blackest black. Mascara is the least troubled by trends. If you want to add some pizzazz, you can try false eye lashes.They should be high-quality and applied by a lash technician, so this is one place to splurge.

To make sure your eyes are always dressed for any occasion, how about splurging on some super-luxuriant mink lashes? Don’t worry, these are completely cruelty-free, 7mm – 14mm faux-mink fringes that are available in single or mixed length. They’re available from salons from certified lash techs who have the experience to apply then right.

Fads and trends aside, what really makes makeup timeless is whatever enhances your features and matches your skin tone without looking forced or overdone.  shades. With these timeless techniques, your eyes will be unforgettable at any age or through any trend. Pair any of these with the perfect red lipstick – something that will always be en vogue for the ultimate Wow! look dressed up for night or down for day.


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