Carl Pei’s Answer May Surprise You About OnePlus 5 Variant


Which OnePlus 5 Variant Is More Popular? Carl Pei's Answer May Surprise YouThe OnePlus 5 has become easily the most successful OnePlus launch till date, and if you’ve been wondering, which variant of the smartphone is significantly more popular, we finally have a response. Gadgets 360 caught up with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei earlier this month at which we had a comprehensive discussion about everything OnePlus 5, and among the things we asked him is that variant – 6GB/ 64GB or 8GB/ 128GB – of this smartphone is much more popular?

“If you take a look at the aggregate, internationally, more 128 versions are offered compared to 64,” Pei said. “In India, it’s not as much but way more than we believed. Back in India, 64GB is more popular, but [the demand for 128GB] is much more than I anticipated.”

“That is I think where I made a mistake, I underestimated the [need for] the 128-gig device. Since we were always afraid, especially in India, we are selling that one at Rs. 38,000,” he explains. ” [when we launched a couple of years back that was a very frightening price point, and hearing from the rest of the marketplace – from the other players – it is also a price point where they are not doing a lot of volumes. So I think we underestimated the demand for the 128.”

In the OnePlus 5 India launch, Syzmon Kopec, Product Manager in OnePlus had told Gadgets 360 that the company was exploring Samsung Dex-like technology that converges both mobile and desktop experiences. We asked Pei if the company had made any progress since then.

“They may be looking to it, but I do not think that it’s something we’re gonna launch very soon,” Pei responded. “So our philosophy when it comes to the products is ‘It is not essential for us to be first, it is better for us to wait until the encounter is mature enough to really be helpful.'”

“As you recall,” he continued, “the dual camera has existed for a very long time, even before the iPhone. Only after iPhone [7 Plus] came out that the experience became more and older, and other manufacturers began doing more and more of it. So personally, I think like using your cell phone for a desktop is still some time off.”

Instead, Pei said, OnePlus is focusing on enhancing the core experience for its users.

“We’re considering some localization like enhancements such as we published the Paytm partnership with the [OnePlus] 5,” he clarified. “But most of our job – the huge majority – still goes into the heart experience and optimizing. So for instance when you start a program on the 5, then the CPU core[s] they all open and that is by design, in order to launch program much quicker and then it cools down again to become automatic. These tiny things that could definitely improve the daily experience. Scrolling – you said it was laggy – but really, it is among the easiest experiences in the event you benchmark [against] its peers.”

OnePlus 5 units offered in India are being manufactured by Oppo, and we asked Pei to elaborate on that part of the relationship with its parent firm.

“We utilize the Oppo factory [to manufacture in India] and we handle the Oppo factory,” he said. “In China, lots of our phones are also fabricated by the Oppo factory. So it is like [if] I [were to go] to Foxconn and [tell] them to fabricate our products.”

“it is a really intricate ecosystem, for example, plenty of the rear housing on our telephones are produced by Foxconn,” Pei said. “So, different things are produced by different individuals and we assemble it somewhere else.”


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